Why choose our Masks and Protective Clothing?

We've Got You Covered.

We provide 5 unique layers of antimicrobial fabric protection working simultaneously to help protect you against environmental aggressors. 

Our masks and products are machine washable!

We provide you with Adequate Filtration to prevent transfer of particles while breathing, this can be accomplished by using multiple layers of closely knitted (or woven) fabrics. (This is not based on testing, it is based on the fact that surgical masks use three layers of polypropylene.  The disposable N95 respirator construction has 4 layers- outer is hydrophobic, middle is nonwoven for filtration and inner is a support layer to stay dry.) 

Our mask construction has 5 layers of antimicrobial protection- outer is hydrophobic and hydrophilic, our middle is comprised of 3 layers of anti-microbial filtration and our inner layer is a dry wicking fabric uniquely engineered to wick moisture away to stay dry. 

DuPont’s silver ion treatment works to inhibit bacterial growth, control bad odors and create freshness without toxic chemicals. Each layer is CPSIA compliant. (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act)

Unlike Activated Carbon or Charcoal inserts, Silvadur technology is an EPA registered antimicrobial agent that is used to prevent or reduce microorganisms on the fabric preventing the fabric from producing malodor and deterioration. SILVADUR™ is a smart controlled release technology that deliver silver ions to the surface of the fabric, continually providing antimicrobial activity. 

Here’s how…

Our Inner Layer is a high-performance quick drying fabric with fastest wicking for a cool, dry and fresh feel. It is engineered to quickly wick moisture away from the body and onto the fabric surface to protect and keep you comfortable & dry with its unique hydrophobic fiber.

Our Filtration layer is comprised of 3 layers- 70% Bamboo and 30% Organic cotton. These layers can absorb 10 times it's weight in under 2 seconds, and soak up to 20 times faster than other material. The dimple pattern is engineered to provide greater retention, superior hold, and faster distribution of moisture.

Our Outermost Layer is a high-performance double facing barrier fabric to help protect you from outside elements. It offers push-pull technology engineered with hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers.  The hydrophobic yarns push moisture away from the skin, and the hydrophilic fibers pull moisture to the outside of the product. This outer layer is positioned so inner moisture wicks away, instead of toward the person wearing the protection.

Our SILVADUR™ treated antimicrobial masks are comfortable, breathable and reusable. We have you covered.