Our Mission

Chiki Diki is an antimicrobial protective clothing company that designs and infuses proprietary treatments to our textiles, inhibiting the growth of micro-organisms. Our purpose is to decrease contagions from person to person, in turn improving the health and well-being of individuals within each community.  

Our Story

Our original mission was to create clothing and accessories to protect people from contagions and environmental aggressors while traveling. This concept was derived late last year, before COVID-19 was a concern in the US.  Susan Hooper came up with her “Travel Wear” idea when a person next to her coughed continuously during a flight. She rolled up her turtleneck to use as a face guard, which is where the company name was derived, like the classic Dickey, a false neck.

After COVID-19 became an issue, our focus quickly shifted to designing and mass producing face masks and face coverings with our DuPont treated textile. Our products are 5-layers of antimicrobial protection, washable and reusable.  Our travel line will come out soon, once we know everyone who needs a mask has one! 

The Chiki Diki Difference!

Our fabrics have been treated with DuPont's patented, long lasting, controlled-release technology, SILVADUR!

The revolutionary technology contained in SILVADUR™ is the world’s first and only aqueous-based silver-polymer delivery system. The smart release system requires less silver to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Silver ions perform their deadly work by punching holes in bacterial membranes and wreaking havoc once inside. They bind to essential cell components like DNA, preventing micro-oganisms from performing even their most basic functions.

The first line of defense starts with the fabric!

Our Commitment to You

We guarantee that our products meet the highest levels of safety and compliance. MADE IN USA!

We will continue to provide you with products using antimicrobial technology delivering reliable, and long lasting protection to our products.

Our goal is to provide fashionable, protective clothing that is safe, non-toxic, with long-lasting freshness and reliability.