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“Chiki Diki Lite” - 3 layers of antimicrobial protection.

Moisture wicking, reusable and breathable for all day use. 

Cotton Masks can cause break outs and acne, ours do not! 


Antimicrobial Mask treated with SILVADUR™ Technology


Cotton Mask

Our Antimicrobial Mask treated with SILVADUR™ technology is an EPA registered, anti-microbial agent used to prevent and reduce microorganisms on the fabric, preventing the fabric from producing malodor and faster deterioration.

SILVADUR™ technology is a smart controlled release system that delivers silver ions to the surface of the fabric while providing antimicrobial activity.

Fabric treated with SILVADUR™ is designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria, yeast and algae. 

Cotton masks can retain moisture from your breath, promoting the growth of bacteria, germs, and odor.  

Cotton masks offer limited protection from microorganisms, bacteria and pollution.  

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Washable, Reusable & Breathable Anti-Microbial Clothing…

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For Hospital, Medical and First Responder Needs

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